Green Square Library & Plaza

GREEN SQAURE LIBRARY & PLAZA – 3000 sq m of naturally-lit space. This 5 Star Green Star Building was designed by Architect Stewart Hollenstein and constructed by Builder John Holland for their client, the City of Sydney. With most of the development below ground level, the Glazed Tower and Pavilion are the landmark features of the development.

The challenge with the extensive use of glass lay in making the buildings useable, not just visually appealing in the urban lansdcape. These glass constructions required multiple layers of heat and light control. Technologies including triple glazing, chilled beam cooling systems, intelligent ventilation and Verosol’s SilverScreen roller blind fabrics were employed to make the public space user friendly. The result, 5 Star Green Star Public Building Certification.

In the Greensquare Library development, Motorised SilverScreen 202 Performance roller blinds cut 85% of the heat and 97% of the glare. SilverScreen makes commercial spaces useable in a way that is unequalled by any other roller blind fabric. SilverScreen quite literally allows people to use spaces that would otherwise be impossibly hot and bright on sunny days. Furthermore, the integration of clever control technologies means the SilverScreen blinds are raised and lowered with automated precision.

Project Details

LOCATION:  Green Square, Sydney Australia
ARCHITECT:  Stewart Hollenstein / Builder: John Holland
WINDOW COVERINGS:  SilverScreen Motorised Roller Blinds by Verosol

–  Screen type: SilverScreen 202 Performance
–  Sector: Public Library
–  Certification: 5 Star Green Star