Effortless Convenience: How Window Coverings Can Boost Workplace Productivity

This whitepaper will discuss how window coverings can boost workplace productivity and uncover the considerations that architects, designers and business owners should keep in mind when aiming to boost productivity within the workplace.

Whitepaper Details

Over the last few decades, technological changes and new behaviours in the workplace have affected employee productivity and efficiency. With increased daily job demands, and an increase in employee responsibilities and autonomy, there has also been an amplified level of workplace stress and time pressures. Not only has this led to increased sickness absence and presenteeism, which costs the Australian economy about $34 billion annually, but productivity levels in the workplace have also decreased dramatically.

There are various factors that affect employee productivity in the workplace. In 2016, Harvard Business Review reported that physical location has large effects on employee performance.3 From a design point of view, this can be narrowed down to lighting, ventilation, comfort and health and wellness.